My toddler loves cooking and is interested in everything that happens in the kitchen, so I figured it’s about time to get my little chef  his own toy kitchen.  When it comes to toys, I prefer wood and other natural materials, sustainability and interesting design. Here’s what I found in the natural toy kitchen department:

Kid’s Craft Cook Together Kitchen $149.99

This is one  of the most popular wooden kitchen out there. It looks beautiful and is fairly priced.  It is very realistic-looking and includes modern  appliances, such as dishwasher and a microwave. The problem is its functionality. The kitchen does  not have much of a counter space and the oven and the dishwasher do not have shelves. My friend who bough this kitchen for her five year old daughter complains of pots and pans being jammed onto the shelves and of not being able to close the oven with a “casserole” in it.

Pottery Barn Retro Kitchen $249- $699

This one is gorgeous, but pricey. My husband said it’s worth it “only if you have three or more girls.” I probably am still a little girl at heart, because I think it’s gorgeous.

  • Icebox has 2 doors, 1 adjustable shelf and a faux thermometer.
  • Oven has removable salt and pepper shakers, a ticking timer and a sliding cooking gauge.
  • Stainless-steel sink can hold water so kids can scrub their pots and pans, and removes easily for cleaning.
  • Detailed with easy-to-grip handles and knobs.
  • A bright finish on all sides resists chipping or fading.

EDUCO My Creative Cookery Club $96.66

I love this kitchen for its natural, wooden feel! Minuses include not enough counter space and the fact that it doesn’t look very realistic. Pluses include it being small enough to fit into a small space. Overall, it’s a great deal.

IKEA Duktig Kitchen $138

This kitchen is available in IKEA stores only (not online.) The price is fair and the color is gender-neutral. I also like the fact that this kitchen can easily blend into a home. My friend bought it for her two-year old and is very happy with the product. Overall, it’s a wonderful kitchen.

In My Kitchen by Alex Toys $52

I love this little kitchen: the price is low, the colors are bright and playful and it is small enough to fit into a small apartment or a tiny playroom. The downside is the quality of the workmanship: a mommy friend who owns it told me that it doesn’t stand well against rough play: a great kitchen for a quiet little girl.

Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen by Melissa and Doug $99.95

This one is my personal favorite! This little kitchen has everything a young cook may need. It is beautiful, well-made and reasonably priced.

If you have any input about any of these kitchens, please let me know!


And if you have some time you can have a free toy kitchen!

What’s the catch?  You got to make it yourself! All you need is some fun-loving kids, a couple of cardboard boxes, some duct tape, some glue and maybe some paint. I did this project with my two year old last week, when both of us had colds and couldn’t leave the house. Try this at a kid party or on a rainy day.  Feel free to improvise with colors, aluminum foil, dust tape, textures and shapes.

Learn how right here.