My typical play dough session with my active boy goes this way:

“Mom, make me a car!”

“Ok, I’ll make you a play dough car, but you’ll add wheels to it.”


Usually, as I am finishing up the said play dough car,  he is already riding his toy truck, chasing after our cat somewhere in the other end of the yard, yelling: “Heyyyaaa!” while trying to catch the poor animal’s tail.  Needless to say, I am really looking forward to my baby girl growing up and making little cute toys out of play dough with me, while this little man and his baby brother are busy chasing cats on their toy trucks.

Recently,  however, my perspective on play dough has changed.  My Russian-Israeli friend Svetlana showed me some play dough models from the Israeli book “Secrets of Play Dough.”  The book unravels a great and small kid-friendly way to start making things:  start with many simple, little details, like balls and sticks. When the little pieces are later connected, they create true works of art:



We’ll try making these things tomorrow. Let me know if you do, too!