Sprouts are a well-known health food. Rich in phytochemicals (plant compounds) they strengthen our immunity against disease. Commonly available in stores, alfalfa sprouts contain saponins, which are wonderful for lowering the “bad” LDL cholesterol and for increasing the immunity by stimulating the activity of natural killer cells. The saponin content of alfalfa sprouts is 450% more than that of an unsprouted alfalfa seed. Plant estrogens, which prevent bone loss and osteoporosis are also abundant in sprouts. High antioxidant content of sprouts is said to prevent aging and certain amino acids in sprouts have been proven to fight pancreatic and colon cancers as well as leukemia. You can experiment with sprouts like alfalfa, broccoli and radish by either buying them fresh or making them at home.

This is a wonderful salad, made with alfalfa sprouts. It is sweet enough for the kids to enjoy, yet healthy enough for a really healthy mama to love.


Salad Leaves (either green mix or arugula work best) 3 cups

Cucumbers, sliced – 2 medium

Celery, sliced -2 stalks

Carrots, shredded – 1 cup

Avocado, sliced -1 large

Sprouts- 1 cup

Raisins -3/4 cup


Tahini – 1/2 cup

Hot water water 1 cup

Lemon juice of 1 whole lemon

Salt, pepper to taste

Arrange the green leaves on a large  plate, put the other vegetables on top.  Sprinkle with raisins.

For the dressing: Mix the tahini with the hot, but not boiling water. Stir really well, so that the mixture is homogeneous. Add the lemon juice and mix well. If the dressing is too sour, add a bit more tahini. Put the dressing on the salad, add salt and pepper. Serve immediately.