Today, my friends and I were bouncing off some ideas about things to do with our active toddlers to get them to slow down and be creative.  Here’s what I do:

The “Salad” project


colorful paper, child-safe scissors, large bowl

Ask your toddler to cut green vegetables out of green paper. Of course, you can help! Then, ask them to cut some red ones and later move to other colors. This part of the project gets them thinking about colors and grouping things together. Once the “veggies” are made, they can be cut into stripes, squares, triangles, etc…. The little pieces can be put into a bowl and “mixed together.”  The results can be fed to dolls, or (in our case to Mr. Jeep.) The project is good for fine motor skills, creativity, learning about colors and shapes and the love of salad, of course!