The inspiration for this very simple and very healthy dish came from a famous New York raw restaurant, Pure Food and Wine. I loved their raw lasagna so much I bought their cookbook and saw a page-long recipe, which included making your own cheese out of nuts, using a food processor. I simplified the whole thing to the point that the beautiful lasagna now takes five minutes to make. Make sure that you have quality ingredients for this dish, as it has to be very fresh and crispy-tasting.

For 2 servings:


Zuchini – 1 large

Tomatoes, large, thinly sliced -2

Pesto- 3 tbsp

Sundried tomato pesto -3 tbsp

Fresh basil leaves-  6

Green leaf mix -to garnish

Arrange some green leaves on the serving plates.  Slice the zucchini lengthwise fairly thinly, so that you get nice crispy zucchini rectangles.  Put two zucchini slices close together on the bed of greens. Spread some pesto sauce on top of the zucchinis. Put three basil leaves on top. Put a few tomato slices on top of the basil. Then -another layer of the zucchini slices. Then – tomato pesto. Then – tomato slices and one more layer of zucchini slices.  Serve immediately!