Prior to spending my days worrying if my breast milk tasted ok or pondering the best way to discipline a whining toddler, I was a nutrition consultant in Manhattan. I also made yoga DVDs, shot infomercials and modeled for magazines.

And then came the babies.

My plan was to go right back to consulting and shooting new DVDs as soon as I get back in shape after giving birth. Well, thanks to all the yoga, I got back in shape faster than Heidi Klum. My head, however, was in an absolutely different place: nothing was more important than the little plump human being, constantly attached to my breast. Nothing. Not even my seemingly huge prior ambitions. I wanted to spend my days pureeing baby foods and teaching my kid ABC’s. I wanted to make sure I never miss the first crawl, the first words, the first steps. I wanted to make sure I’d be there.

I made a decision to stay home. I also conveniently got pregnant again; with twins (talk about being grounded!) The thing that worried me the most about staying home was the same thing that every ambitious working woman worries about: would I go crazy wiping butts and noses? I came up with this action plan of how to keep your sanity while staying home or working from home.

Maybe, it will help you. Feel free to comment with any suggestions that helped you maintain your sanity while staying home with kids.

1. Join a mommy group

I like for local mommy playgroups: just type in your zip code and your interests. More often than not, you’ll have to visit a few groups, until you find the ones that fit you and your kids. You can always create your own group, too.

2. Have time for yourself each day

This one is absolutely crucial. When everyone is taking a nap, don’t rush to fold laundry; check out facebook instead. Or paint your nails. Or hire a sitter and go to lunch with your girlfriend. Talk on the phone. Do anything that makes you feel alive and happy for at least thirty minutes a day. Don’t feel guilty about taking short breaks to “tune out” during the day: it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Mommy being unavailable for fifteen minutes a couple of times a day teaches the kids to be independent. They are not likely to burn the house down. Unless you have three-four boys, of course. 🙂

3. Exercise and eat right

A lot of friends wonder where do I get all of this energy to breastfeed two babies, run after an active toddler, have  little help around the house and still write this blog. My answer is yoga and great nutrition: salads, supplements, juices, grains and very little processed foods. I have a daily yoga practice. Sometimes, it means fifteen minutes a day, but every single day. Sometimes, it takes me two hours and seven interruptions, but I always find time to exercise with three under three running around. It means  “so do you.”

4. Devote special time to grown up conversation

Perhaps, diapers and kids are not the only things you and your husband can talk about at dinner? Or maybe you and your single girlfriend have more in common than you think?

5. Leave the house to do something fun with the kids at least twice a week

Visit the zoo, or a friend’s house, a museum, or go to the park you haven’t been to before. Maybe, drive to a nearby town and have smoothies, but make sure you have fun times together. Doing this two-three times a week renew your energy. And again, if I can find time to do with baby twins and  a toddler, so can you. All it comes down to is careful planning and organizing. And picking all the clothes and packing a bag witha ll the snacks and wipes the night before.