Dry cleaning could get expensive, especially if done regularly. Here are my three favorite alternatives:

1. Most of my dry-clean only clothes do just fine when I run them through the gentle washing cycle with cold water and either line-dry them or spread them on bath towels to dry. If you wash your favorite cashmere sweater on cold cycle with very little organic detergent and then put it on a towel to dry, roll it in the towel first, to soak up the excess moisture. Then, just let it be for a few hours.

2. Another option is to mix a glass of water with a  shot of vodka and three drops of lavender essential oil. spray on clothes and let them line-dry.

3. This one is the simplest option. Use it only with lightly soiled clothing. Sprinkle four drops of lavender essential oil on a dryer sheet and let the clothes dry in the dryer on a cold cycle.

image: suphakit73