Sometimes, healthy mama eats pizza. I know, it’s a lot less healthy than a bowl of kale, but once in  a while I need to feed my healthy family before I have a chance to whip up my super-veggie casserole of the week. If you are stuck with a  frozen pizza for dinner, all is not lost. Here’s how to healthify it:

1. Always serve your pizza with a gigantic salad. Eat the salad first, so you are less likely to pig out on pizza.

2. Buy thin crust pizza: less dough and calories.

3. Before you put your frozen pie in the oven, put some sliced veggies on top of it: broccoli florets, peppers, onions, mushrooms – whatever you like. Sometimes a few drops of olive oil or a hot chili oil go a long way. Chopped garlic is interesting. Cubes of tofu can work.

4. After you have taken the pizza out of the oven, but before you sliced it, put arugula leaves on top of your pie. Or use basil leaves. The key is making the thing look green. If you like pesto sauce, it tastes great on a pizza.

After doing these four things you end up with a lot of vegetables and little pizza: a healthy place to be!