I make these candies all the time: it’s the only thing I give my oldest kid for sugar. These candies have vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, unlike the regular kind of candy.  If your mixture is too dry to roll, feel free to add a bit of water. You can also forgo the nuts: the candies will still taste pretty decent. Additionally, you can add some spirulina powder to the candies, for added nutritional value.


Dried fruits, 1 cup. Use pitted fresh dates, apricots, figs, raisins , cranberries -anything you have at the moment

Nuts (any kind) 0.5 cup

Shredded coconut  1 cup

Crush the nuts in the blender. Add the dried fruits and mash everything up.  Roll the mix into balls.   Spread out shredded coconut on table and roll the balls around until covered with coconut.