This raw vegan cheese can be used for five days (if kept in the fridge.) Right away, the consistency should be soft and ricotta-like, but if you continue the process (putting the “cheese” in the cloth bag and letting it sit under a weight,) the “cheese” would become harder. If you want to make a soft “cheese,” put it in the refrigerator right after you blend the ingredients.

For a simple dish, cut a zucchini in spaghetti-like strips, add some chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, paprika and this “cheese.”


Almonds, soaked in water overnight  1 cup
Cashews, soaked overnight  1 cup

1/2 tsp  salt

optional: four garlic cloves, minced

Put all of the ingredients in the blender, add water to cover. Blend all of the ingredients until smooth. Put the mixture into a nut milk bag and hang over a bowl or a pot overnight. In the morning, put the bag on a cutting board with another cutting board on top. Put weight on top (I use three thick books.) Pour the draining liquid out periodically. The “cheese” is ready for the fridge! Refrigerate the “cheese” for an hour or so.