Now that we have established that soy is not the best food,  let’s  make some nut milk. Store-bought nut milks are, essentially, processed foods. They include some unpronounceable ingredients and unhealthy preservatives. I think, making your own is a lot easier and cheaper option.

This recipe makes three cups of  almond milk, but feel free to experiment with other nuts.  I like cashews, too. Nut milk keeps fresh for 2 days in the fridge.


Almonds (or other nuts) , soaked overnight beforehand in two cups of water, which needs to be discarded after soaking, 1 cup

Fresh water 4 cups

Dates, 6

Vanilla extract,  1 tsp

Blend all ingredients on high. If you are making this milk for a smoothie, you can put it in a smoothie now. If, however, you like a smoother, more “milky” texture, you have to strain the milk.

To do this, you’ll need a large container, and some cheesecloth or a nut milk bag.  One Lucky Duck has nut bags  for sale. Put the cheesecloth over your container, or put the milk in the nut bag, and leave the milk to strain for about an hour.  The resulting liquid is your actual milk. Don’t discard the dry nutty leftovers: they  can  be used for baking.