IKEA is wonderful for inexpensive and nice wooden toys. Yesterday, we went to there and bought Mula for counting. Mostly, because Mr. Big Baby, whilst able to read syllables in Russian at this stage, counts in a peculiar way: “One, two,  eight, eleven. Seven, thirteen-  I ran away!”  – and off he goes. So, I bought the toy, hoping he’d understand numbers in a more “hands-on” way. I also know some friends, whose kids play with Ikea’s Mula until they are in fourth grade, which makes the $9.99 you spend on the product quite a bargain.

As Mr. Big Baby did his “eight, eleven, I ran away” at the first introduction to this toy ( I hope he didn’t inherit my literary and language talents with a complete inability to count,) babies crawled their way to the new toy. And they absolutely loved it! What can be better than moving colorful wooden rings with your fingers? Oh, I know: improved fine motor skills!

The manufacturer says to use Mula from 3 years old and on, but my babies loved it so much that I saw no wrong with letting them enjoy it under my very close supervision. I am telling you this story, because I think I just found a useful, eco-friendly toy that lasts good 6-7 years! Oh, and it can teach your child math. How’s that? If you don’t want to shell out the ten bucks, perhaps it’s available on ebay for a lot less…