I love cloth diapers. My first son was cloth-diapered since about six months of age and the twins have only been wearing cloth. Disposable diapers contain traces of Dioxin, an extremely toxic carcinogenic by-product of the paper-bleaching process. They also cause diaper rashes more frequently, are more expensive and not so good for the environment. The number one reason, why most moms are afraid of cloth, is the “poo-poo factor.” I understand, I’ve been there, too. Buy one cloth diaper and try how easy it is to wash it and you will see that in cloth diapering, just like in everything else, our fears are a lot greater than the actual things we are afraid off. Throw the poop in the toilet and machine-wash the diaper. For younger babies, who are not eating solids yet, you don’t even have to do that: just stick the diaper in the machine.

And yes, you can cloth-diaper twins and it really is not difficult. I cloth diapered a singleton and now my twins are in cloth diapers. I honestly don’t see this as too much work. And the twins never got a single bum-rash!

Another surprising benefit of the cloth is that cloth diapers contain big messes a lot better than the disposables. With my first son, I remember stains on clothing and hours of scrubbing those stains off ( especially off the expensive baby clothing items we got as gifts.) This problem never happened with my twins, who have been wearing cloth from the get-go.

For orange stains that breastfed babies produce you can do one of the two things: let the diapers dry in the sun or wash them with some Oxi clean. The sun takes care of the stains, as well as Oxi, believe it or not.

There are many types of cloth diapers, ranging from the old-fashioned prefolds, to the easy to maneuver all-in-ones. After having tried and used many kinds of cloth diapers, my favorite ones are fitted cloth diapers. They look just like the disposables, only made of cloth. You need to put  a cover on top of these, which is an extra step, but it only takes two seconds. I like Thirsties covers, because they always contain any mess that managed to escape from the diaper. I also like Imse Vimse wool covers: these are more expensive, but “breathe” better.

Here’s what i tried in the diaper world:

Bum Genius All in One 3.0 and 4.0 Diaper Review

Both of these are nice diapers, especially if you are not used to cloth. One-step process makes it look simple and the diaper contains messes well. The minus for me is how bulky this diaper is. This bulkiness presents challenges in the washing and drying process, as you end up drying the diapers a lot longer. I also was not crazy about the fabric of this diaper: I’ve seen softer.

Bumboozle Diaper Review

This diaper is very soft, towel-like and it fits babies form ten to about 35 lbs. It is not bulky, yet very absorbent :I can easily see why this diaper is a number one seller in the UK!

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece  Diaper review

These soft, cotton fleece diapers are available in two sizes. The small size is supposed to fit 5-15 pounds and the larger size is supposed to fit 12-36 pounds. The diaper is extremely soft and the fit is close to perfect, but the absorbency is nothing to write home about. Due to its softness, I would recommend this diaper for a brand new baby. An older baby will pee right through it and make the cover wet, unless you stick  a prefold in the diaper.

Baby Bee Hinds One Size Diaper Review

I love these diapers! They are not too pretty and they are not too soft, but they contain anything! Inside this fitted diaper are two snap in soakers: a small one and a large one. Since these soakers snap in, they dry very fast, so quite often, instead of washing the diapers, you can just wash the soakers. You can also adjust these soakers, according to your baby’s need. For the night, put in two large ones. For the day, one small one. For a car ride, one small one and one large one,etc. The twins are wearing these diapers at night now and the diapers are holding in beautifully! The plastic snaps make the diaper adjustable, which makes me very happy : I want to keep using this bamboo diaper for a while!

G-Diaper Review

G-diapers is a diapering system, which is part cloth, part paper.  GDiapers,  are the world’s first flushable, compostable diaper, pairing the “green” attributes of cloth diapers with the convenience of disposables. Each gDiaper is composed of three elements: a washable outer cotton layer, a washable waterproof inner layer, and a flushable poop and peep absorbing insert.  G-diaper’s website says that, when you change your baby’s diaper, you remove the flushable insert, toss it in the toilet, and replace it with a new insert. In practice, i noticed that these diapers are usually only liked by first time moms or cloth diaper virgins. The poop rarely stays on the pad. It goes everywhere, soaks through the little G-pant and ends up on the clothing. The diaper is awfully cute, though. So I’d recommend it for an ocassional day out as a clothing accessory: babies look great ina  G-diaper and  a Tshirt.  I wouldn’t use it as a functional, absorbent diaper, though.

Mother-ease One Size Diaper review

I found this diaper to be very interesting. Made of microfiber cloth, it is super thin, yet absorbent. This is a one-size fitted diaper with snaps. It is designed to fold down at the front to fit babies with a smaller rise. I liked the convenience and the absorbency. I did not like the fact that the fabric didn’t seem soft to touch, although this problem can be easily solved by using a prefold inside this diaper, which I’ve done a couple of times for my babies nighttime sleep.

Dream-Eze All in One Diaper Review

These diapers have a great absorbency, but in my opinion, they don’t fit well. They have gaps in the legs (and my babies have chunky legs and the waistline always seems loose.  All of this makes this diaper not the best choices for containing explosive poo. It’s a wonderful diaper for naps, however.

Gro Via All in Ones Diaper Review

GroVia AIO diaper which fits babies 10-35+lbs, keeps getting rave reviews from my cloth-diapering friends. Made with organic cotton inner layer with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer layer, this diaper is ridiculously absorbent! Very soft organic cotton with stretchy wings and convenient side snaps make it pleasant and easy to use.  Best of all, you don’t have to use a cover with Gro Via, and it dries quickly. Soft, absorbent and one size fits all: what else can you want in a cloth diaper?

Thirsties Fab Fitted Diaper Review

This diaper is so soft, you’d want to put it on your face! It soaks moisture well, but not as well as some bamboo varieties. Yet, I’ve seen some big explosive poos staying in this diaper: nothing escapes it. Because this diaper soaks in small amounts of moisture, but is so supersoft, i would recommend it for newborns and little babies. After about three months, I’d switch to something else. Having said that, my 6 months oldtwins still wear this diaper for their naps, because I want their little bums to feel soft and cushy.

Do you have any favorite cloth diaper brands I haven’t covered?