Easter is coming. If you are contemplating the use of food coloring to dye Easter eggs, think again. It’s been linked to a multitude of health problems. In Russia, where I am from, Easter eggs are dyed using onion peels. This is my grandma’s basic recipe. You can use less peels than this recipe asks for to get less intense color.
For red or brown eggs:
5 cups of water
2 tbsp. of white vinegar
The papery peel of yellow onion skins (about 8-10).
1/2 dozen eggs
Firstly, use an enamel or teflon-coated pot. Tin, iron or aluminum pots can change the color of the dye.
Place the water, vinegar, and onion skins in a pot and bring to boil. Lower heat, cover, and simmer for 45 minutes. Add the eggs into the pan with the onion peels. To ensure even coloring, make sure that no eggs are overlapping and that the dye covers the eggs well. Bring to a boil over medium heat, cover, and simmer for about 15 minutes for dark red or for about 25 minutes for deep brown. Put the eggs into cool water. Once they are cool,  take a little olive oil l and polish them with a paper towel to make hem look perfect!
If you’d like a fun basket of all kinds of colors, here are some other natural dye recipes I have expermented with over the years:
For blue eggs, try purple cabbage leaves. Use the leaves of 1/2 a cabbage and 6 cups of water for 1/2 dozen eggs. Add 2 tbsp. of vinegar. Follow the “onion peel” recipe from above.
Spinach makes amazing green eggs. Use 2 cups of spinach leaves per 1 quart of water. Add 2 tbsp of vinegar. Follow the “onion peel” recipe. to make pale green eggs, pre-boil the eggs and leave them in spinach juice for about an hour.
Try ground turmeric or curry for golden yellow eggs. Add enough spice to the water in which you are boiling the eggs to make it deep yellow. Boil the eggs like you normally would. Usually, it’s about 3 tbsp.
Coffee makes dark brown eggs. Make a pot of coffee and some hard-boiled eggs. Leave the eggs in cooled coffee for about an hour.
Buy some dark grape juice and leave the hard-boiled eggs in it for about an hour to make your eggs lavender color.
Cut two beets into cubes, add 6 cups of water and boil some eggs in it, like you normally would to make hard-boiled eggs. The eggs would be dark red.