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I am so excited! I just heard about a new paint, that’s wonderful for the playroom! It’s called Idea Paint and it is completely erasable. You can paint the walls with it, or draw whatever you wish and then simply erase it. No more kid paintings on the wrong walls!

From the manufacturer’s site:

“Transform a child’s bedroom or playroom into a place to explore and express their creativity and imagination. Paint a toy box and make it more entertaining than everything inside of it. Use IdeaPaint to keep track of appointments, chores, shopping lists and all your important dates. IdeaPaint creates the perfect spot for the family to interact and keep up with each other’s busy lives.”

Today only: crafted bird mobile for $10.99!

Let your little one’s imagination soar with a sweetly crafted bird mobile from Children Inspire Design. Perfect for a nursery, a playroom or bedroom, this line of arts and crafts, created through a partnership between Children Inspire Design and PEACE, is handmade from recycled materials. Each mobile is one of a kind

Get a coupon from mamapedia:


  • High quality, eco-friendly merchandise
  • Shop for women, men, children, pets, home décor, and unique gifts
  • Organic and USA-made items combine style and sustainability


  • Redeem on Green Rainbow Shopwebsite at checkout
  • Not valid towards taxes or shipping(starts at $6.25)
  • Voucher must be used in full in one purchase
  • Limit (1) voucher per transaction
  • Expires November 9, 2011

See the fine print that applies to all Sweet Deals

Boikido: amazing wooden toys on sale today at!

When a friend gave me a pair of Happy Feet insoles,  I was skeptical: I really didn’t need my feet to feel better. With all the yoga I do they feel pretty close to amazing. However, a pair of  Happy Feet was now in my closet, so I gave the insoles a quick try.  Having Happy Feet in my  shoes made me feel lighter and more balanced, like I feel after a good yoga class.  Pretty soon I was wearing my Happy Feet everywhere, from the supermarket to my stroller walk ; and  looking for ways to stick these insoles into my flip-flops ( yes, you can do it.) The insoles are great if you spend a lot of time on your feet or would like to have your joints better protected while you are exercising. They would also feel  amazing for pregnant women, because they work wonders at redistributing your weight in the most optimal way.  Happy Feet insoles also relieve Plantar Fasciiatis, corn and calluses, heel spurs, foot ulcers, Morton’s neuroma, back and knee pain and more! And they are machine washable.

note: This review reflects my independent opinion of Happy Feet. It was not endorsed in any way and I was not paid to write it.

And the best news is…. Healthy Mama Info is having its first giveaway!

Two lucky winners will recieve a pair of Happy Feet insoles absolutely free. Here’s what it takes to enter:

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

Mandatory Entry: 
 Become a public follower of  Healthy Mama Info Blog  ( the link is on the top left corner) and tell me you did so in a comment.

For more entries:

Subscribe to Healthy Mama Info Blog and comment about it. (1 entry)

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Like Healthy Mama on Facebook. Make sure you write your facebook name in the entry for this one. (2 entries)

The deadline for this giveaway is April 30th at 11:59 pm EST, at which time a winner will be randomely chosen. Make sure that you are a PUBLIC follower and include your email in your comments because if I can’t get a hold of you, you can’t win! If you are chosen as a winner, I will email you, asking you for your shoe size in order to ship you the right pair of insoles.

IKEA is wonderful for inexpensive and nice wooden toys. Yesterday, we went to there and bought Mula for counting. Mostly, because Mr. Big Baby, whilst able to read syllables in Russian at this stage, counts in a peculiar way: “One, two,  eight, eleven. Seven, thirteen-  I ran away!”  – and off he goes. So, I bought the toy, hoping he’d understand numbers in a more “hands-on” way. I also know some friends, whose kids play with Ikea’s Mula until they are in fourth grade, which makes the $9.99 you spend on the product quite a bargain.

As Mr. Big Baby did his “eight, eleven, I ran away” at the first introduction to this toy ( I hope he didn’t inherit my literary and language talents with a complete inability to count,) babies crawled their way to the new toy. And they absolutely loved it! What can be better than moving colorful wooden rings with your fingers? Oh, I know: improved fine motor skills!

The manufacturer says to use Mula from 3 years old and on, but my babies loved it so much that I saw no wrong with letting them enjoy it under my very close supervision. I am telling you this story, because I think I just found a useful, eco-friendly toy that lasts good 6-7 years! Oh, and it can teach your child math. How’s that? If you don’t want to shell out the ten bucks, perhaps it’s available on ebay for a lot less…

New Sale on  Melissa and Doug’s summer toys. I like these toys for their simplicity. Sale ends 03.23 at 9pm

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