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We did this yesterday.You will need two colors of finger paint: red and green. Let your child put the red all over their hands and make “stamps”on a large sheet of paper. Then, let them put the green on their fingers and draw leaves and stems.


My friend Sasha gave me a great idea for some simple creative toddler fun. All you need is a large sheet of paper and some finger paints. Let your child cover their hands with paint of their choice, then put the hand on a piece of paper, like a stamp. Under the hand print, write the date and frame the whole thing. You can cry over it when your baby gets married.

Or, you can be even more creative, dip the palms of the hands in red and arms (from wrist to elbow) in green. Put the palm and the arm on the paper: you just made a tulip! Two palms, placed with wrist parts touching create a moose or a flying bird and two pink hands make a heart. You can also try painting with your feet. The possibilities are endless: please, let me know if you come up with anything new and interesting.

Mr. Big Baby got way too excited about the project, so we mainly made a mess, after which both of needed a shower, but I am very excited to try again in the future.



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