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Today only: crafted bird mobile for $10.99!

Let your little one’s imagination soar with a sweetly crafted bird mobile from Children Inspire Design. Perfect for a nursery, a playroom or bedroom, this line of arts and crafts, created through a partnership between Children Inspire Design and PEACE, is handmade from recycled materials. Each mobile is one of a kind

I just finished reading this incredible book. Full of well-researched practical information and tips, the book explains what goes on in your kid’s brain. It talks about how children learn, how we can help them and which activities and circumstances can hinder their brain development. It explains how to maximize our children’s intellectual capacities, and help them reach their full potential. It also explains what not to do and where pushing the kid to succeed would be futile, because they may not be ready for the push at that particular stage of development.

I particularly enjoyed reading the confirmation of my parenting theory. I believe that teaching children comes down to simple things like talking and reading to them, playing outside and allowing them to freely explore their environment. Buying them piles of toys and putting them in front of a TV set doesn’t do much to your child’s brain development, which this book confirms with scientific research and practical observations. Read it to better understand how kids learn and to help them learn better.


I tried many baby carriers and think that Ergo is absolutely the best one! I think it might be even more important than the stroller for walking with your baby. My husband and I took our first son to the beach, to the mountains hiking and for city walks in our Ergo carrier. Now that we have twins, we still love the Ergo: one of the babies is in it while I am at the supermarket and whenever we go for nature walks, both my husband and I are wearing a baby. One of the advantages of this baby carrier is the simplicity of its use (great for men,) the ease of breastfeeding and baby sleeping, because of the attached hood and most importantly, the fact that Ergo puts all the baby weight on Mom’s (or dad;s) legs and hips, a supposed to the shoulders, like Baby Bjorn or another carrier. I amreally excited to announce that my favorite baby product is

on sale today for 45% off its regular price!


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